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In Kunitsukami, you play as Sarutahiko Ōkami, a traditional Japanese deity.

But times do change, and your religion is now at risk.  Reclused on your island, defend your remaining believers against the forces of modernity!

Kunitsukami is the groundbreaking VR title creating the meeting between a Tower Defense and a God Game ; being a Terrestrial Kami, you can shape directly the terrain, in addition to the usual buildings and unit And all that, with its strong historical background, just for your eyes!

Be ready to defend your traditions...

HOW TO PLAY: To take and place the terrain tiles, buildings or units, use the trigger button of your HTC Vive Controller.

And beware of your Fervour level, it's what allows you to use your godly powers!

The game is still in development, so we gladly appreciate all feedbacks !

Install instructions

Warning! You must own a HTC Vive headset in order to play this game!


Kunitsukami_Windows.zip 273 MB

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